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by Ken Ingham

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Most of the thoughts on this site were conceived in the woods,

or at least out of doors, scribbled into a little brown journal that I carry almost everywhere I go. I hunt and gather, then edit and revise, and sometimes even publish.

Why do I write?

Writing helps me sort my thoughts, put them in a more coherent form than ever occurs in conversation.

To friends I say read this and get to know me. Others I invite to browse around and see if there's something of meaning for you. If you enjoy yourself, I hope you will return.

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New: Autobiography:

front cover of Feet in the City, Heart on the Farm

Now available at Amazon.com

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Eco-poetry book:
front cover

also essay: DEET Treatise
( As an avid swamp watcher I often ponder the irony
of saturating my skin and clothes with a chemical that
renders me repellent, if not toxic, to the food sources
of the very critters that I hope to see close up . . . .

Ongoing: Mill Creek Journal, 1997-2007:
Reflections on the unnatural history of the ICC

(about a controversial highway near Washington D. C. that would devastate stream valleys, forests and wetlands and accomplish little; a giant step for mankind - backwards